Moto 360 metal bands arrive, gold option in tow

A few days before other retailers offer the option, and coming just after the goods appeared on Amazon, Motorola has officially put new bands on sale for its Moto 360. If you've already purchased one, or look to do so soon, the smartwatch now comes with your choice of silver or black metal bands for $299. Fancy the look of leather instead? There are the usual options in stone and black, with a congac hue on the way. In addition to those, stitched bands from DODOcase and silicone colors from TYLT are in the works. The gold model that broke from cover via the aforementioned retailer was properly outed as well in an 18mm width, but it'll cost you a bit more at $329. The light silver metal band comes in the narrower option, too.

Thanks to a pending Motorola Connect update, you can build custom faces with the My Design tool. The background image and watch style are both available for tweaking. Moto Body is also part of the latest software version, tallying steps, distance, heart rate and calories. It'll sort activity goals and offer a bit of extra motivation, too. And finally, Motorola is selling the Nexus 6, giving you an alternative to waiting for Google Play to restock and allowing you to pick up the pair -- should you be tempted to do so. The site doesn't show stock availability until checkout though, and the company has already warned that quantities are limited.