Zepp's tennis and golf swing sensor arrives in UK stores for £130

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Jamie Rigg
November 6th, 2014
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Zepp's tennis and golf swing sensor arrives in UK stores for £130

Zepp's 3D motion sensor has been analysing tennis swings and improving golf games in the US for the past year, and now it's arrived in the UK to tell us how bad we are at sports. The small Bluetooth-equipped sensor clings to the bottom of your tennis racquet, or attaches to your golf glove, and sends all kinds of data about your wild swings to companion Android and iOS apps. The info it records is tailored to whichever sport you're playing -- not that the links are particularly welcoming this time of year -- with the idea that insight into your game will help improve it. The golf app is especially geared towards lowering your handicap, with various training resources and a feature that lets you compare your swing to those of professionals. Both the golf and tennis versions are now available at Apple, Curry's, PC World, Argos and John Lewis stores for £130 a piece.

The only difference between the two editions is the mount included with the sensor, so you can buy or home brew the other enclosure and use the same hardware for both sports. For obvious reasons, the fact that Zepp's sensor can also analyse baseball swings isn't being communicated in the UK. But, with the right app, you could theoretically ruin next summer's friendly rounders matches. Well, ruin it for anyone that isn't on your team, anyway.

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