FuzzWord: Blurry fun for everyone

Players correctly guess blurry pictures in FuzzWord

In FuzzWord, players upload or take photos from their iOS devices and blur those photos to make puzzles for other players to guess on. The fun of FuzzWord is correctly guessing what the image in the picture is. FuzzWord is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8.0 or later.

One free hint, generated from the creator of the puzzle, is given to players for each puzzle in FuzzWord. Players can use coins to unlock additional hints like filling in a letter or uncovering a small portion of the puzzle. If players run out of coins, they can get more by either watching an ad or through an in-app purchase.

Players receive a free hint in FuzzWord

An annoying feature of FuzzWord is that a full screen ad pops up when you exit a puzzle. This makes it harder to change puzzle categories. There are five categories to pick puzzles from in FuzzWord: food, things, places, nature, and animals. Puzzles in these categories are randomized which helps keep players engaged. One other annoying part of FuzzWord is that players have to either create an account or log in using FaceBook. This is a nuisance especially for people just wanting to try it out quickly to see if they like it.

Players also create their own puzzles to share with friends or the public, using photos they take or have in their photo library. When players create a puzzle, they can choose how blurry they want the picture to be. This adjusts how difficult the puzzle is. In addition to changing the blurriness, players provide a hint for the picture. Depending on how in depth the hint is, the puzzle will be either easier or harder to solve.

Players create their own puzzles to challenge other players in FuzzWord

FuzzWord includes a built-in leaderboard system, which displays the top players with the most points or hearts (which are number of likes). The in-game leaderboard also includes rankings amongst friends. The leaderboard feature emphasizes competitions between friends which is great for extending replay value and keeping the game fresh.

FuzzWord is free on the App Store and recommended for players who enjoy more social games which focus on competitions with friends.