AT&T's latest smartwatch for kids is both easier and tougher

Your kids may be too young to put a Moto 360 or Pebble on their wrists, but that doesn't mean they'll have to go without a smartwatch. AT&T is now selling the FiLIP 2, an upgraded version of last year's hybrid kid locator and wrist-worn phone. The new version is easier for parents to set up through mobile apps and better suited to real-world use. The screen has been toughened up to survive some roughhousing at the playground, and the wristband is now both more comfortable and adjustable; your children won't have to stop using the watch just because they've had a growth spurt. If you're anxious about your young ones' safety, you can snag the FiLIP 2 for $100 ($150 after the holidays) plus $10 per month to add the wristwear to your phone plan.