Sunday Morning Funnies: A sunbeam calling

Guardians of the Garrison

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Evil Overlord checklist. Being far from innocent. Casual (and cat) friendly. Plus: Asking about rabbits, for a friend.

In comic news this week, Guardians of the Garrison, a relatively new comic, will be undergoing some changes. Namely, it will split into series, the first of which, Preparations for War page 1, is up on the list this week. The style will also be changing to shorter strips, however, this may mean that sometimes we get more than one per week.

If you missed us last week, you might not have noticed that Surviving Azeroth is back! It's also going to be a little different, with fewer characters and a focus on humor. Check out Where Are They Now? to learn what became of the characters that are being dropped, and head to this week's list for new content.

In more depressing news, it is cold and flu season, and a couple of our regular content creators have been hit. Best in Slot did not update this week, because unfortunately, Jenn is sick. However, there is a new Extra available, which I've added to the list. Hopefully you're feeling better soon, Jenn! In addition, Russell of Experience Boost has also been feeling sick, in a lingering, this should be gone by now, I'd better go back to the doctor, sort of way. There is a comic up, which is awesome, but if you're wondering why we have not been seeing our usual three weekly updates, it is because Russell needs to start feeling better already!

But there are some great things happening this week, too. Trigonometry Comics kicks off a new chapter, and Contested Territory has updated with a new comic. Plus, NPC wraps up its Spooky D&D storyline and promptly starts up a new WoW-related story arc!