Arduino sensors let ballerinas 'paint' with their pointes

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Arduino sensors let ballerinas 'paint' with their pointes

What if you could paint with your shoes? Electronic Traces is a pair ballet pointe shoes that sends a dancer's movements to a nearby smartphone. Using Lilypad Arduinos, they record pressure and movement whenever they touch the ground. This data can then be visualized by an accompanying app, allowing dancers to view their performances after the fact, or compare them to others'.

Lilypad Ardunio pointe shoes

Electronic Traces is the degree project of Lesia Trubat, a designer who graduated from Barcelona's prestigious ELISAVA design school. Turbot has high hopes for the shoes, hoping the methods applied can be of use to other dance disciplines, and that they can aid in dance classes. Additionally, they could be used to bring an additional visual layer to dance performances, as demonstrated in the video below.

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