There's something weird about this ordinary man plushie

Owning a stuffed version of a perfectly ordinary man in a nice suit is kind of weird. This Octodad plushie is 10 inches long and even comes with little magnets in its hands, so you can hang this well-coiffed gentleman on all kinds of things (mostly refrigerators).

This adorable bit of Octodad merchandise is available exclusively at Fangamer, along with two classy t-shirts and a "How to Prepare Tako 'Tosan" poster. These are all up for pre-order right now, with the plushie, poster and Cephalopadre shirt due to ship by late November, and the Dad on Deck shirt shipping by mid-late December. The plushie is $18 alone, or $23 for it and a PC download code of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, courtesy of Humble Bundle. The shirts are $23 each and the poster is $16 (no game code options there).

[Image: Fangamer]