Adidas finally launches its shoe-customizing app in the US

It was about six months ago that Adidas introduced the Photo Print ZX Flux, a line of sneakers which can be easily customized by way of a mobile application. But while shoe lovers in Europe have had the chance to make their own ZX Flux since August, the same couldn't be said about people here in the US. Starting today, however, those of you Stateside will now have the opportunity to create a pair for yourself, using the same iOS and Android apps that European folks have had access to for months. It's quite simple, really. Say you have an image of a delicious burger on your smartphone, such as the one above, then you upload it to the application, tweak it slightly if you need to and, just like that, you can have a pair on the way to your door. Adidas is pricing the customizable sneakers at $110 -- orders are expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete.