Persona 3 spawns a third feature film in Spring 2015

Following this Summer's successful Japanese debut of Persona 3 The Movie #2: Midsummer Knight's Dream, the second feature film spin-off of Atlus' beloved roleplaying game Persona 3, the publisher has announced that a third film will reach Japanese theaters next Spring.

Entitled Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down, the film centers on the stars of Persona 3 - the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, or SEES - as they attempt to finish the seemingly endless battle against the Shadows that threaten humanity. Plot details are scant, but Atlus has revealed that Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down will heavily feature Ryoji Mochizuki, the waifish scarf aficionado seen above who fans will recall from Persona 3. We don't want to spoil the character's significance to that game, but suffice to say his appearance in the film suggests that very bad things are about to happen.

Unfortunately for Western fans of the Persona franchise, there's no word on when or if Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down might appear outside of its native Japan.

[Image: Atlus]