Virgin Mobile customers get free access to thousands more UK WiFi hotspots

Since Virgin Media and Sky extended their partnership by another five years, cable subscribers have been able to enjoy additional perks, like being able to use Sky's sport and movie apps. From today, some Virgin customers will gain an additional benefit from a Sky-owned company: free access to 22,000 WiFi hotspots across the UK. It comes from The Cloud, by way of a separate agreement, which lets Virgin Mobile customers use an app called WiFi Buddy to connect to its access points, on top of the 3,000 public Arqiva hotspots located in some of Britain's biggest airports and hotels.

The app comes pre-installed on Virgin Mobile-branded handsets, but you'll need an Android device to take advantage of the service as it's currently not available on iOS or Windows Phone. There's no word on whether cable customers will be extended the same privileges in the future, but Virgin Media does now provide free WiFi access in more than 150 Tube stations -- useful, but only when you're in London.