Disney's 'Frozen' apparently inspired a color-changing bra

Something tells us Disney wouldn't be too happy about this, but sometimes you just have to embrace reality. Triumph, a lingerie company, has created a set of color-changing brasiers, seemingly influenced by the box-office hit Frozen. The Close Sister Bras, as they're officially named, can instantly take on a new hue when friends wearing a matching pair come into contact with each other. To create the design, Triumph (which has a history of... odd bra designs) recruited gadget-maker Fashion Entertainments, which was responsible for making and providing the electronic-paper used to trigger the color changes in the bra. Apparently, there's no plan to take the Close Sister Bras to market -- it's all about empowering self-confidence and sisterhood, according to the firms behind the eccentric underwear.

Triumph says that, with powerful productions such as Frozen, "The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan." But aside from the princess and snowflakes theme being presented here, we're having a hard time finding a connection between the Close Sister Bras and Disney's movie.

Sisterhood, yes. A bra that can change colors, not so much.