The DekaVita is a seven-inch 'handheld' with a Vita TV slid into the back

When the not-exactly-small five-inch PlayStation Vita just isn't enough handheld for your... hands, it's time for the DekaVita 7 -- literally "huge Vita 7". Gametech has managed to make the Vita TV portable, by attaching HDMI and AC connectors, buttons and a seven-inch IPS screen to the miniconsole. (Why?) The result is something approaching a slightly smaller Wii U GamePad, although there's no touchscreen -- because there isn't any compatibility with the Vita TV. (Seriously, why?) It'll cost 23,000 yen when it launches sometime in Spring 2015, although early preorders will get a 4,000 yen discount. Japan residents can do that here. Just, why?