Meet other fans for the big game with Best Bars

Best Bars screenshots

Your favorite team has a big game coming up and you need to find out where other fans will be gathering to watch. Best Bars, a free universal app that requires iOS 6.0 or later should provide you with some good ideas.

The app offers a list of watering holes that you can sort by distance based on your current location or a rating based on other users' evaluations. This will be especially useful if you are out of town on business or a vacation. The app provides a list of bars or a map showing where all the bars are located in conjunction with your current location. If you you pick one of the bars you get more info including the address and phone number, which teams' fans have selected that place as a team favorite, driving directions, and other information provided by bar managers such as daily specials and which games will be shown.

Best Bars screenshots

Users can set up their own favorite teams in Best Bars so you can get the schedule of upcoming games and all the major sports are covered, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, and major soccer leagues. Once you establish your list of favorites you can get a list of upcoming games and the app notifies you if there are any places where other fans of your team hang out. If you have friends who also use the app you can send invitations to them to meet you to watch the game.

Best Bars screenshots

The app provides lots of basic information about sports hang outs but for it to be most effective the operators of the businesses need to become involved. The developer offers a merchant tool kit that allows the operators to update the information available about their particular establishment. With the tool kit, merchants can put out a daily list of what games will be shown, offer discounts and freebies to users of the app, send out alerts about specific games or deals and key those to fans based either on their favorite teams or the users' location. I checked out quite a few places around where I live and found almost no business had added additional information.

Best Bars can be a big help to people who like to get together with other fans to watch games on TV, but needs more merchant participation to reach its full potential. But even now users will find an extensive list of watering holes near them. I did find a business for fans of my favorite team that I did not know about. Plus if you are away from your home neighborhood Best Bars offers quick and detailed access to places to watch your favorite team.