BRUVELO would be your iPhone-powered coffee powerhouse


What is it with Apple fans and coffee? Perhaps it's the fact that you can totally "geek out" on the process, the beans, the hardware and so on. Add your iPhone to the mix and you've got Apple-loving Coffee Nerd Nirvana.

BRUVELO is a coffee maker and companion iOS app, currently on Kicktarter, that will scratch your coffee nerd itch. Typically we save items like this for our "Crowdfunding" post, but the clock is ticking on this one and we think it's worth mentioning.

Here's where it gets cool. Connect your BRUVELO to WiFi and store a "recipe" on your iPhone. A recipe lets you get as nit-picky as you like, storing bean-specific instructions on steep times, ratios, temperature and more. Then, the next time you've got that bean in the pot, all you need to do is tap the recipe and the BRUVELO executes all of your instructions. From a single tap on you phone. Neat, eh?

There's about a week left to back this, as of this writing. If your blood runs as dark as the beans you roast, this might be the connected coffeemaker of your dreams.