Samsung is reportedly returning to mobile video with a new service

Samsung may have ditched its Video Hub last year to stay in Google's good graces and avoid competing with Play Movies, but it apparently hasn't given up on the concept of its own media portal. Tipsters for The Information claim that the company is spending "several tens of millions" of dollars on short-form video for a new service, codenamed "Volt." While the details are still being hashed out, the ultimate plan is to charge a "few dollars" per month for media, and original video would likely play an important role.

Don't think that Samsung plans to take on streaming powerhouses like Netflix, though. While the Korean firm is supposedly hoping to score Hollywood-level talent, it's not also expecting magnum opuses like House of Cards. As it stands, there's no mention of a tentative launch schedule or other finer details. Assuming the leak is accurate in the first place, it could be a long while before you're subscribing to Volt on your Galaxy phone.