Weird Al wants to sell you a drone

Weird Al Yankovic has spent over 40 years skewering pop culture through song, and endearing himself to nerds of all stripes in the process. What, then, is next on his list of things to do? Pushing swag for Radio Shack, apparently. The Honorable Mr. Yankovic popped up in a new ad for the downtrodden gadget retailer with just a touch of Wonka insanity earlier this week, leading some reporter from Parks and Recreation through a veritable toyland of drones and, erm, batteries with a (pretty awful) song wafting through the air.

Before you accuse him of selling out, though, know that isn't the first time he's shilled for a product -- there was this absolute gem of a Diet Coke ad from 1984, back when he magically looked older than he does now. Let the record show hat he's got plenty more marketing savvy shoved into that rail-thin frame, too. Earlier this year, Yankovic teamed up with a handful of media portals (think Funny Or Die, Yahoo Screen and College Humor) to fund the music videos for a new album that record label RCA wouldn't lay out the cash for. Savvy? And savagely funny? Maybe Radio Shack is finally onto something.