Photos to Photos game has a picture to answer any question

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What happens when you take the concept of the classic card game Apples to Apples and bring it to the iPhone? Photos to Photos happens. It's a game in which you compete with other random players to answer a question with nothing more than one photo out of the random assortment provided each round. It also integrates with Facebook for private sessions with friends. The game is free with in-app purchases for iPhone.

Each round has four players. Unless you chose the private Facebook session, you get matched with three other human beings somewhere on the planet. They can either log in using a Photos to Photos account or a Facebook account, as can you.

Photos to Photos grants you one of two roles at a time: a judge or a player. If you're a judge, you get to determine the winner for that round. The criteria for winning is entirely up to you. Most of the time the winner is whoever submits the funniest image in relation to the question, however sometimes it may very well be whichever photo makes the most sense. When all three other players submit their pick, the app lets you browse the selections and deem the champion. Then the gavel gets passed to the next person.

Photos to Photos screenshot

While you're a player in the game, you get to choose one of nine photos to submit as an answer to a question. When you use a photo, the other eight stay and the one submitted is replaced with something new. The photos to choose from aren't your own (though they can\ be - more on that later) but instead are pulled at random from the Internet.

Every time you're a judge and select a winner, you gain five coins. Every time you're a player and a judge selects you as a winner, you gain 20 coins. This is where in-app currency comes in. Over time, these add up and are exchangeable for a few key tools. Swap a photo for 10 coins per photo, upload and use your own photo for 35 coins per photo or even write a prompt (read: question) for 15 coins per prompt. Note that the swapping photo function didn't always work for me and the write-a-prompt feature oddly says "Enter an adjective" when you should actually write an entire sentence. Kinks aside, they add spice to the game.

If you notice you're lacking in coins and want more to spend on the aforementioned features, packs of coins are available as in-app purchases ranging from US$0.99 for 200 to $4.99 for 1,500. I seem to earn plenty of coins after a few rounds, but maybe that's just because I'm so charming and witty.

A small warning: don't let your kids play this game. The questions are sometimes a bit adult-themed and while there aren't any explicit photos, occasionally some pop up that are bordering on risqué.

Photos to Photos screenshot

Photos to Photos is funny, amusing and social. It's not often you get to laugh while playing an iPhone game, but this one does the trick. As a bonus, you get an ego boost if people repeatedly select your photos as the funniest. If it suits your fancy, download Photos to Photos for free in the App Store.