Pinhole camera selfies are way cooler than whatever the hell you're doing

Sure, you can do a regular digital selfie, add an old-timey Instagram filter and call it a day. But photographer Ignas Kutavicius was having none of that, and decided to create a head-mountable pinhole camera -- where a small opening acts as a lens to create an inverted image. He told PetaPixel that he fabricated it from an old energy drink can, with the images captured on on black & white photo paper. The long exposure (typically several seconds) results in a blurred background, while the fixed head perspective keeps the subject's face sharp. Kutavicius said the images present "a fun reflection on what selfies could have looked like" during the early days of photography. Though according to the actual first known selfie, not really.

[Image credits: Ignas Kutavicius]