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SMITE previews Ao Kuang in detail


Turning into a dragon is always a viable strategy if you can manage it. Most people can't; you cannot respond to criticism from your boss by turning into a dragon, for example. Ao Kuang can do exactly that in SMITE, however, and that forms the core of his playstyle in the game. If he has a target with low enough health, he can turn into a dragon, destroy them, then fly to a new area with area damage and a recharged sword so that, hopefully, he can take out someone else by turning into a dragon.

Ao Kuang's passive mechanic is a sword that carries charges that are auto-spent to buff his abilities, with a slow regeneration out of combat or a quick regeneration if, again, he turns into a dragon. He's a melee mage-type character, encouraging players to swing in, take out a target, and then move on to the next. You can get a clearer picture of how this will work in play on the official preview page.

[Thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!]