The iWatch mockups from yesteryear


Old smartwatches don't die, they just need new batteries. I was going through some old bookmarks last night and I ran across a site called Wrist Dreams, which had a sad but funny list of smartwatches from 7 or more years ago. Listed among the fish finder watch and "thinking" watches, there's a link to a bunch of crazy Apple concept devices. On that list: some Apple watches, before THE Apple Watch was announced.

Look at the watches on Wrist Dreams, however. They remind me of those clunky tablets before the iPad, or even more of the slide Steve Jobs put up showing what state-of-the-art smartphones from 2007 looked like. Full of buttons, a real hot mess. Then again, we didn't have 7 years of iPhone design language, so it's not surprising how dorky these old things look.