Loot Crate details pricing for its Amiibo collection

Nintendo revealed a US-only partnership with Loot Crate earlier this week, and while gradually building an Amiibo collection sounds better than an all-at-once purchase, the deal's pricing information wasn't shared with the initial announcement. A Loot Crate update has remedied that problem, outlining what the Amiibo-themed subscription entails and when the related goods will arrive.

The promotion involves three weekly shipments for either $55 per crate (shipping included) or for an all-at-once payment of $155. While mini-mags, a cinch bag, a t-shirt and more extras are spread between the three shipments, four Amiibos will arrive in each of the first two shipments, with two more arriving in the third.

While the Loot Crate page doesn't explicitly name the Amiibos included in each shipment, Nintendo's announcement of the deal noted that subscribers will "receive 10 pre-selected Amiibo (including Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Fox and Yoshi)." Given that those Amiibos are shown in Loot Crate's imagery for the promotion, it would make sense if the deal's Amiibo roster will include those in the above image for every subscriber.

[Image: Amiibo]