Recommended Reading: NYC's new subway hub is an architectural marvel

Billy Steele
B. Steele|11.15.14

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Recommended Reading: NYC's new subway hub is an architectural marvel

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How James Carpenter Gave NYC Subway Riders a Portal to the Sky
by Shaunacy Ferro,
Fast Company

New York City's latest subway station is a really big deal. Fulton Center recalls an age when public transit stations packed in architectural prowess, and this hub does just that. The main element is the so-called Sky Reflector Net that not only bathes the atrium in natural light, but also reflects that light two stories underground thanks to a cable structure suspended way up above.

The Boy with the Lego Hand
by Victoria Chao, The Atlantic

Nine-year-old Aidan Robinson was born with only a portion of his left arm. After cycling through a number of prosthetic solutions, he developed his own idea for a better device at a summer camp last July.


30 Minutes With: Nigel Lamb
by Tucker Bowe, Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol caught up with 58-year-old aerobatic pilot Nigel Lamb just before his quest to win the Red Bull Air Race in Las Vegas began. Lamb has flown stunts in movies, and he's rather used to flying 230 MPH and pulling 10 Gs when needed.


'Battlefield Hardline' is Shaping Up to be More than Just Another Gung-ho Shooter
by Colin Campbell, Polygon

After drawing the ire of critics following its initial reveal, the makers of Battlefield Hardline delayed its launch to retool the title. Here's a look at the changes that'll differentiate gameplay from previous efforts in a big way.


A Complete Guide to Every Person in the Serial Podcast
by Vox

Sure, this is more Recommended Viewing & Listening, but a handy guide from Vox is an essential companion to the popular Serial podcast's episodic true crime tale.


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