Facebook wants to handle your workplace chats

Your office may try to keep you off Facebook right now, but you may have a genuinely work-related reason to hop on that social network in the near future. Sources for the Financial Times understand that the internet giant is developing "Facebook at Work," a professional take on its familiar formula. It'll reportedly look like the regular page, but will focus on chatting with coworkers, connecting with business partners and collaborating on documents. On the surface, it sounds like a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Drive.

The company isn't commenting on the apparent leak, but you might not have to wait long to try it out. Facebook employees have reportedly been using the work-focused site for a while, and a handful of outside companies are now giving it a try. There's no telling whether or not the service will displace the likes of LinkedIn, assuming the leak is accurate to begin with. Nonetheless, it's easy to see the appeal of a work-safe Facebook that omits all the iffy photos and status updates that you'd rather not share with your colleagues.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]