Intel hands control of its mobile chip division to its Ultrabook chief

Intel may be king of the PC and laptop chip hill, but ARM's the reigning daddy when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Mostly this is because Intel's technology still lags behind ARM's ultra low power silicon, and because mobile software is predominantly geared toward the platform. So much so, in fact, that Intel's smartphone chip business lost $1 billion in the last quarter, but that isn't enough to deter the outfit from continuing. In fact, Brian Krzanich is taking the bold step of announcing that he's... reorganizing the company's chip divisions. In a memo, reported by the Wall Street Journal, the CEO has announced that the PC and mobile chip divisions will merge into a Client Computing group, with Kirk "Mr. Ultrabook" Skaugen at the helm. It makes a certain amount of sense, since Intel's PC division is raking in cash, and as Ultrabooks become more like tablets, there's a sensible level of crossover. Hell, maybe someone will come up with the idea of putting Haswell into a smartphone - which we're totally on board with.