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Shocker: Pandora's study finds Pandora to be good for music sales

In a study it conducted recently, Pandora found that its internet-based radio is actually a good thing for the industry. Not like it would say otherwise, we'd imagine, but Pandora states that the tunes it provides access to are spreading a "positive effect" on sales for music labels, both major and independent. "Now, via this study, we have clear proof of the 'Pandora Effect,' and its positive contribution to the music economy beyond just our royalty payments as the highest paying form of radio," Pandora's Vice President of Business Affairs, Chris Harrison, told Billboard. The study comes hot on the heels of the back-and-forth battle of words between Spotify and Taylor Swift, which began earlier this month when the artist pulled her entire catalog from the music-streaming service.

While Pandora takes a different approach than Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music and other similar offerings, there's enough in common there to join the same conversation. At the end of the day, none of the aforementioned are traditional media (aka CDs), and we won't know for sure who benefits the most until everyone is completely transparent with their numbers. Until then, you just keep enjoying your music -- however that may be.