Yum, your next favorite emoji could be a delicious taco

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Edgar Alvarez
November 18th, 2014
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Yum, your next favorite emoji could be a delicious taco

Okay, people, you know emojis are a big deal -- so big, in fact, that there's a social network composed entirely of these virtual characters. And even though it isn't too hard to come across different kinds of emoji on the internet, there are specific guidelines to follow in order for them to be considered official. The Unicode Consortium is responsible for making the call on this -- in short, that's who you have to thank for those "praying hands" you love using. For 2015, Unicode has accepted 37 new candidates for consideration, meaning that you could end up seeing some in your smartphone's stock emoji keyboard one day in the near future.

Unicode was only willing to show us one in its blog post (the taco seen above), but the 36 others include a robot face, zipper-mouth face, face with thermometer, prayer beads, a mosque, burrito and a unicorn face, to mention a few. Unfortunately, not all of these may make it past the initial vetting process, but there's always hope. If anything, we have a hunch the taco emoji is a lockdown -- oh, and the unicorn face. Because who doesn't love tacos or unicorns?
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