WhatsApp brings end-to-end encryption to its Android app

WhatsApp Android users won't even need to lift a finger to take advantage of the strongest encryption yet for a major mobile messaging client. The app's latest Android update will include strong end-to-end encryption by default, which means your messages are only visible to you and the person you're chatting with, The Verge reports. Most importantly, the company won't be able to decrypt messages on its own, even if they receive requests from law enforcement. It's a step above the chat encryption Google and Facebook offer, which they could possibly decrypt. WhatsApp tapped Open Whisper Systems, developer of the secure called app Signal and TextSecure, to implement the encryption. While there's no shortage of secure messaging apps out there, WhatsApp's move is significant because it's a big automatic security upgrade for a good chunk of its more than 600 million users. Unfortunately, there's no word yet when the feature will reach iPhone users.