Basis Peak to get its smartwatch-like features in December

In our recent review of the Basis Peak, we pointed out its potential to be a pretty good smartwatch, just as it is a fitness tracker. And, thanks to a firmware update set to arrive next month, Basis, which is now owned by Intel, will be making its wearable better than it already is. Around mid-December, the Basis Peak is going to begin supporting notifications from Android and iOS devices, including those that come from your calendar, text messages and phone calls. While you'll have to wait for those smartwatch-like features to come to the Peak, something new that's available now is the ability to share your heart rate data with third-party fitness apps via Bluetooth. What's more, the Basis Peak is expanding availability outside of the US, to Canada and the UK in the middle of December as well -- Basis says international pricing will vary depending on the region.