Overdog matchmaking app to pair up online players with similar interests

If you play against an opponent in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it's safe to assume you found someone who has similar taste in games. But what about the rest of life? Are they still trying to unravel every last plot point of Lost like you? Are they big on the Seattle Seahawks, and can they get down with your guilty pleasure, Kesha? An upcoming Xbox One app from Overdog is designed to help answer those questions and pair players up according to matched tastes in entertainment.

GamesBeat reports that a recent funding round has brought in $1.8 million for Overdog, which includes investments from Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and Machinima co-founder Allen DeBevoise. Overdog told GamesBeat that the funds will go to marketing, additional hiring and the development of their app for a second, unspecified platform.

Overdog's website states that its app is due within December 2014 on Xbox One, and Overdog president Hunter Hillenmeyer added that the team hopes to "improve matchmaking for online games across all platforms, whether that's Xbox, PlayStation, mobile and tablet, or even some virtual reality ecosystem that has yet to materialize."

[Image: Microsoft]