Sunday Morning Funnies: A shocker for sure

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|11.23.14

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Sunday Morning Funnies: A shocker for sure
Gnomeregan Forever
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Targe bursts into song. A grumpusaurus appears. Linola does a new Q&A. Richard solves a puzzle. Plus: Gogogo!

In comic news this week, we have a new addition to the list! The Warcraft Hero, by Mike Minotti, is actually a comic that we featured here for quite awhile, before it ended. If you're interested (and I recommend it!), you can check out the comic from the beginning. Bonus: Although Mike originally revived the comic as a one-time-only special, he has decided to start it up again. It will update Fridays, and be featured here weekly!

We also have a few new WoW-related comics from PvP on the list this week. Thanks for the tip, JereHunter!

Also on the list this week, Gnomeregan Forever features both a new update on the Shattershore storyline, and some bonus wallpaper, which just so happens to feature Faramir the cat. Plus, Trigonometry Comics has a special character guide up, which doubles as a showcase for the new character models. I love Rug's attitude in her entry!

I jokingly predicted, last week, that this week's list would contain gags about wait times and disconnects, and it certainly does. I knew that our resident entertainers and storytellers would meet frustration with humor and creativity. What I didn't anticipate were the more heartfelt responses; check out Surviving Azeroth (the text below the comic) and Kibble & Bit to see what I mean!

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