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Skype now lets you videocall while doing other things on Android

A call comes in on Skype from that old family friend who's now living in Sweden, but you're in the middle of a pretty amazing game of Threes, or finely honing a very important email that needs to be sent this hour. Take the call? Pretend you're not there? Well, you can now multitask on your Android phone in the latest Skype app update. It adds a picture-in-picture floating window of the incoming video call, which can rest over whatever you're already doing on that device. Just remember to keep those filler noises flowin', even if you're paying no attention.

Now, the funny thing is, the Android version for tablets has been able to do this for almost a year. Is it because of the influx of giant Android phones, or a feature that the Skype team works on only in fall? Whatever the reason, you can test the feature in latest iteration, available here.