Massively's Black Friday MMO sales and deals roundup

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Massively's Black Friday MMO sales and deals roundup
Happy Black Friday, everyone! We've been keeping an eye on MMO-related sales and promotional events just for you. Here are a few of the bigguns that might be worth taking advantage of today and through the weekend:
  • Guild Wars 2's digital versions are 50% off through the official website until December 7th.
  • World of Warcraft -- well, the bundle with everything but Warlords of Draenor -- is 75% off through December 2nd.
  • WildStar is on sale for 50% off, so $19.99, for a "limited time" on the official site and at other retailers.
  • ArcheAge has a bunch of marketplace items on sale, along with two new mounts.
  • Today only, SOE is offering double Station Cash, spendable in most of its MMOs.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic has hinted that a large (possibly hourly) Cartel Market sale is on the way today.
  • All of Perfect World's MMOs have sales running over the next few days; of note to us are sales in Neverwinter, Champions Online, Swordsman, and Star Trek Online, the last of which is offering not just a cash shop sale but a sale on lifetime subs.
  • Lord of the Rings Online is offering double bonus points in its cash shop and bonus XP in-game.
  • Wargaming has festivities and sales planned for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online is offering +20% XP through Sunday.
  • RIFT is not only selling the classic collector's editions, character slots, and bag slots at 50% off but making the newest expansion available to buy via credits for the first time.
  • TERA has a slew of cash shop item goodies on sale, including bundles with mounts and character slots.
  • Marvel Heroes' multiple sales extend to Cyber Monday. (Update: MJ tells us that logging in Saturday will grant you a free remote-controlled Blackbird jet pet!)

And don't forget all the MMOs and MMO bundles/DLC on sale on Steam for the fall sale, as well. Elder Scrolls Online and The Secret World are among them!

If you know of others -- and we're sure there are several -- sound off in the comments!

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