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WRUP: The WRUP awakens

At least there's no chance anyone will let us play Uncle Owen and then take it away again. Because he's dead.

Welcome back to Massively's What Are You Playing, the game in which we tell you what we're playing this weekend and you tell us which MMO studio is going to be the first to turn Episode VII into a F2P themepark WoW clone.

Anatoli Ingram, Columnist

@ceruleangrey: I've got some time off, so I'll be plugging away at my crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV as well as running around in the Silverwastes in Guild Wars 2. I should probably try to finish up some story instance achievements if I ever want the Luminescent armor, but at least it'll always be there for me to take a crack at later.

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief

@nbrianna/blog: I thought I'd be playing World of Warcraft, but instead I'm playing Watch My Husband Rebuild His Computer After Unexpected Catastrophe, which is just like World of Warcraft in that I sneak in missions for my garrison followers when he's not looking.

Eliot Lefebvre, Contributing Editor

@Eliot_Lefebvre/blog: I have the freedom to start my replay of Dragon Age II, which I need to finish before I get on to Dragon Age: Inquisition, so that's one of my priorities. I've also got more money to make in Final Fantasy XIV (getting close to my house upgrade), and I will probably pick up at least one game from Steam during its holiday sale. As for what I'm eating, I sort of get two Thanksgiving celebrations this year with various parts of my family; I intend to make the most of them.

Justin Olivetti, Contributing Editor

@Sypster/blog: Now that I'm at level 60 in RIFT, I feel a little more free to work on other projects. One pressing need is to work on a Tokyo-friendly build for The Secret World, since my current state is quite lacking.

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor

@MikedotFoster/blog: I'm working all weekend! If I can find some time away from the Word window, I'll be Dota-ing, as always.

MJ Guthrie, Contributing Editor

@MJ_Guthrie/blog: Since it is the last weekend of Star Wars: The Old Republic's 12x class XP bonus, I'll be stuffing as much of that into my schedule as I can. We'll see how far my Imperial characters can get! I've also got a merchant ship to build in ArcheAge and plenty of apples to pick and trade packs to run. After that, I might start a brand-new build in Landmark (as the only way for me to have the courage to start with a clean slate is let my claims expire, and that they did!).

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!