Development costs for This War of Mine covered in two days

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S. Prell
November 30th, 2014
Development costs for This War of Mine covered in two days
This War of Mine presents a different vision of war than many gamers may be used to, trading QTEs and pew-pew 'splosions for somber reflection and grim analysis of war's collateral damage. And yet, despite its dreary, depressing atmosphere, developer 11 Bit Studios is likely smiling wide at the moment, as the game has sold enough copies within just 48 hours to cover development costs.

11 Bit revealed the good news in an infographic sent to Joystiq, along with a lot of other interesting information. For example, 11 Bit also revealed that while only 11 percent of players have beaten the game, 96 percent of the more than 2,700 user reviews recommend it. The gender gap is also minimal, as 56 percent of players were identified as male, while the remaining 46 percent were identified as female.

To see the infographic in its entirety, read on after the break.
[Image: 11 Bit Studios]
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