Put your Game Boy on the big screen with this HDMI adapter

Hdmyboy in action

There are certainly ways to play classic Game Boy titles on modern TVs, but many of them involve emulators. What if you have the real system in your hands? That's where the crowdfunded Hdmyboy project might just save the day. The project lets you modify the original Game Boy (thankfully, in a non-destructive way) to put its video on any HDMI-equipped display. If you've ever wanted to play Link's Awakening on your big-screen set, it's now relatively trivial. The Hdmyboy even works with a NES controller, so you can relive your childhood from the comfort of the couch.

This isn't the cheapest way to indulge your nostalgic side. It'll require a pledge of between €115 to €125 ($143 to $156) to get both the adapter and a replica NES gamepad when they ship in May. If your parents sold your Game Boy years ago, a limited-run €1,000 ($1,245) pack will get you a clear handheld and 10 games on top of the Hdmyboy kit. You'll have to really miss the days of monochromatic mobile gaming for this to make sense, but the price could be justifiable if you've been dying to brush up on your Dr. Mario skills.

[Thanks, Will]