Buy the Steve Jobs monument that was too gay for Russia for $95,000

apple statue sale

The iPhone-esque Steve Jobs tribute statue that was unceremoniously dismantled in the wake of Tim Cook's public acknowledgement of his sexual orientation is now up for sale in Russia. The statue, which was originally erected in 2011, was designed to honor the accomplishments of Steve Jobs and is aesthetically similar to the iPhone.

The monument is being sold by the Russian Holdings Company and has a price tag of 5 million rubles, which comes out to roughly US$95,000. That's a heck of an asking price for what is essentially a large LCD display, but proceeds from the sale will reportedly go to aspiring Russian IT developers.

There have been a few conflicting theories as to why the statue was in fact taken down in the first place, though several reports out of the country have claimed it was due to Tim Cook's BusinessWeek piece announcing he is "proud to be gay." Russia's homophobic history speaks for itself, and the sale of the statue seems to further support this theory, as some stipulations on the monument's sale include that it must be taken out of the country immediately and never again erected on Russian soil.

[via Vocativ]