Deals with Gold: Metro Redux, Saints Row 4, Disney games

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Deals with Gold: Metro Redux, Saints Row 4, Disney games
This week's edition of Microsoft's rolling Deals With Gold promotion is aimed at variety. From the bleak gloom of post-apocalyptic Moscow to Pixar's sunny vision of a child's bedroom, the sale has something for everyone.

On the gloomy side of things, both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are now available for the Xbox One at $16.74 a piece. Those wishing to see the entire dark saga can purchase the likewise discounted $33.16 Metro Redux Bundle which includes both remastered shooters in a single package.

Games based on Disney properties form the core of the Xbox 360 discounts. More than a dozen games, ranging from rebuilt platforming classics like Castle of Illusion to movie tie-ins like Cars, are available at half price. The Saints Row 4 Season Pass is also half off, but even more importantly, Saints Row 4 itself has received a 70 percent discount to a price of $10.49.

As always, Deals With Gold discounts are only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. These discounts are valid now through December 8. For a full list of this week's price cuts, visit Major Nelson's blog.
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