Mozilla wants to put Firefox on iOS

Mozilla has been staunchly opposed to an iOS version of its Firefox browser for a while. It wants to use its own web engine, but Apple will only let companies use its in-house code in the name of security. However, the organization is clearly having a change of heart -- VP Jonathan Nightingale has revealed that Mozilla wants to bring Firefox to iOS. He didn't say how it would happen, but it's most likely that the company will use Apple's engine and layer a custom interface on top, like Google does with Chrome. We've reached out to Mozilla and will let you know if it can say more.

It's not hard to see why Mozilla would make an about face, even after its trouble with Firefox Home. As with Chrome, the real allure is sync support with other platforms. A port would put your Firefox bookmarks and passwords on your iOS gear, so you wouldn't have to switch browsers just to stay in a familiar web environment. It wouldn't necessarily tempt you away from Chrome or Safari, but it would at least let you switch browsers on a whim without losing a major feature.

[Image credit: Matthew Ruttley, Twitter]