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Grindr now shows an ETA to your next hookup

Relax everybody: Grindr is going to make finding a potential partner a much simpler affair. You see, now the app will calculate travel time in addition to how far away a potential Lothario is from you, physically. So let's say you've been messaging with Dylan for the past few days, but now that you know he's 45 minutes away that might change the situation a bit -- especially when your fall-back, Bryan, is only a five-minute walk from your apartment. That could affect your evening's plans considerably we'd imagine ('in a quarter-mile, turn right and smile). The app's update also makes swipe-navigation between chats and profiles free for everyone, whereas before it was limited to those paying for Grindr Xtra.

There's also a new focus on photos too, with a gent's picture taking prominence over everything else when you first select him. Grindr says that these additions are part of an effort to make the app faster and a simpler way to meet a mate. Still not enough to overcome its lack of income-and-looks-based filters for you? Well, there's always Luxy for that.