PlayStation celebrates its 20th birthday with a retro-themed, limited-edition PS4

Happy Birthday, PlayStation! It's been twenty years since the first Sony console, and to celebrate its two-decade run, SCE has decked its fourth-generation console in the same colors and design licks of the original PlayStation. It's, naturally, a limited edition (12,300 consoles will go on sale, matching the launch date of the PS1), and even the controller, camera and (jeez) power cables will all get a coating of 1994 gray. But, what if you already own a PS4? Or don't fancy your chances of snagging one of the limited run? You can still get your dose of nostalgia, as Sony's also released a PSone theme for its current console -- complete with vintage start-up sound -- you just need to download the latest firmware update. Take a closer look at the full detail (and videos) below. We'll add more pictures when we can -- but if you're game for some gray, preorders start December 6 in the US.