Test your knowledge of just about anything with Thinking

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Thinking is a fresh brain game that puts every individual mind to a fun test in a number of ways and categories. Not only are there two completely separate tests for kids and adults to level the playing field, but also a regular daily quiz and party mode for up to nine additional people to join in. Each quiz comes with 10 questions with one in every category that challenges everything from your textbook knowledge to pop culture knowledge. Thinking is free for iPhone with in-app purchases and requires at least iOS 7.1.

Thinking cleverly comes with two sectioned off quizzes: one for adults ages 18 and older and another for kids or "juniors" ages seven and older. Don't worry, the game for adults doesn't have any explicit questions, it's just tailored with the expectations that adults know more and should have more challenging questions than kids.

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This game isn't like the majority of brain games that have you pick a topic of your choice and answer questions only in that area. What you see is not only what you get in Thinking, it's what you must complete. That means no selecting a topic you know everything about and then giving yourself an undeserved ego boost when you score perfectly.

The ten categories are history, music, math, science, sports, newsworthy, arts, TV/film, geography and puzzles - one question each, four answer options per question, ten questions total, no handpicking or tweaking. For me, this is what makes the game more fun. Anything I don't end up knowing the answer to (and quite a few questions stumped me) is worth looking up to learn. The game doesn't have a timer so cheating is technically feasible, but less entertaining. The game is called "Thinking," not "Googling."

If you get your party mode on, the game allows up to 10 players to take the quiz. It's not particularly interactive though. One person answers all 10 questions then passes it to the next player. Compare scores out of 10 when everyone finishes. It's good enough, I suppose.

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Thinking has a brilliant in-app currency called braincells. You start out with just five and every time you play either in single-person mode or party mode, you lose a braincell - a bit ironic, no? Still, what's great about this currency is that you earn more braincells every day to take more quizzes and additionally, if you score a perfect 10 out of 10 you get awarded bonus braincells. If you don't want to wait another day to keep playing or just aren't on your A-game with the questions, the Extras section offers braincells. They come in packs starting at US$0.99 for 50.

Another handy feature is the ability to completely switch player turns outside of party mode for when more than one person shares one iOS device. Add two players to Thinking for three, but each additional one runs you $0.99.

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I don't feel like I'm losing any braincells at all playing Thinking, and I mean that in the literal sense. It's won me over as a creative, fun game that helps expand horizons without shoving boring facts down your throat. It's a free app for iPhone in the App Store.