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Audi's 605HP Prologue concept car has touchscreens everywhere

Audi's always been more forward-thinking with in-car tech than most automakers, but it's about to take it to a new level(s), judging by its latest concept car. Our colleagues at Autoblog just took at look at the Prologue, and what it's lacking in green tech, it more than makes up with slick technology on the inside. To start with, the driver gets a "three-level" simulated 3D cockpit, with one showing crucial driving information and two simulating visual depth. Audi says that makes the mass of driving, vehicle, navigation and entertainment information "better organized and easier for the driver to comprehend."

The pilot and passengers can control all that data via a dizzying array of touch displays. There's one to the left of the steering wheel for lighting and assistance, another to the right for media controls and a wide-screen passenger touchscreen covering the full surface of the instrument panel. With that, the co-pilot can control the tunes and send navigation information over to the driver's display with just a swipe. Finally, there's a fourth touch display in the center console that permits handwriting input (!) and is used for climate control and other vehicle settings.

Another techy feature is the "virtual butler" that can figure out who's driving based on their smartphone and set up the seating, climate control, navigation options and music to suit. We imagine that placing calls, listening to music on your device and other connected-car options are a formality as well.

Otherwise, the Prologue is just your run-of-the-mill, 605HP one-off concept vehicle worth millions of dollars, that the lucky folks at Autoblog had a chance to tool around in. They found its sharp, understated styling "incredible to behold," especially with touches like 3D molded rear taillights and exhaust ports. As for how soon any of this finds its way into a retail model, who knows? Even if it did, this writer would need to discover a long-lost rich uncle to have any chance of affording it. For more, check Autoblog's report and the video below.

Audi Prologue Concept Walk Around | Autoblog Short Cuts

[Image credits: Drew Phillips/AOL]