Steve Wozniak calls Apple's legendary garage 'a bit of a myth'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has never been shy to talk about the company he helped create, regardless of whatever the topic may be. Most recently, in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Wozniak touched briefly on a few topics from the early days of Apple, ranging from the vision of his long-time partner and friend, Steve Jobs, to how many Apple I and Apple II units were sold in the beginning. Wozniak was also asked a question regarding the legendary Apple garage, which has become known as the Cupertino firm's birthplace -- it's an iconic place, to say the least. To this, he said, "The garage is a bit of a myth."

"We did no designs there, no breadboarding, no prototyping, no planning of products. We did no manufacturing there," the man better known as Woz added. "The garage didn't serve much purpose, except it was something for us to feel was our home." But it's not like Wozniak didn't appreciate the place; it's just that he and Jobs had no other choice at that point, since the cash figures Apple had back then weren't remotely close to what they are nowadays.

"We had no money," he said. "You have to work out of your home when you have no money."

[Image credit: Apple/dpa/Corbis]