Microsoft's Android voice search app now works without a watch

Microsoft's Torque is handy if you want to search the web through a quick shake of the wrist and a voice command, but you've had to use an Android Wear smartwatch to try the Bing-powered app. That's not much help if your wrist is bare, is it? You won't have sit on the sidelines any longer, though. A revamped version of Torque now runs on any reasonably modern Android phone (4.3 or later), no wearable required; you only have to shake your phone to bring up a mini window and start speaking. The app also provides streamlined answers for more of your questions, including flight statuses and events. Torque is still a bit superfluous when Android is virtually built around Google search, but it's worth a look if you can't (or just don't want to) use "OK Google" to get a quick answer.