Resogun Defenders brings two new modes to PS4 next year

While Resogun is firing up its engines to launch on PS3 and Vita later this month, a new expansion for the game is in the works: Resogun Defenders. Priced at $5, the final add-on for the game introduces two new modes: Protector and Commando. It also features new ships and planets for players to "save the last humans" on (we're pretty sure they mean it this time).

Resogun Defenders will launch early next year, and will be part of the game's $8 season pass. The season pass includes the "Heroes" DLC, which hit digital shelves in June. Housemarque will also issue a free content update alongside Defenders codenamed "Challengers," which offers new challenges for players across Resogun's existing modes.

[Image: SCEE]