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Sunday Morning Funnies: Montage time

Guilded Age

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Mike is getting some sleep. Thizzible needs some time for herself. Richard needs to make a change. Lissa finds blueprints. Plus: We're killing baddies! Well, most of us are.

Gratz celebrated its second-year anniversary last week! To celebrate, there's a bonus page up, with some interesting data at the bottom, like how Lackinganame estimates that he put in about 954 hours of work into Gratz this past year alone. So congratulations, Lackinganame, and thanks for devoting your free time to enriching ours!

I'd also like to emphasize how much Gratz has changed, and how much Lackinganame has grown in his style and skills. Watching artists and their comics develop and change has always been one of my favorite parts of following these comics week after week, year after year. Why not take a look back at Page 1, and then pop to the first digitally created page, and then check out this week's pages?

In other news, NPC has one more WoW standalone this week (which had me laughing), plus a new storyline related both to Christmas and to WoW. Fox Rain has posted the cover art for Chapter 5: The Sacrifice, which will start next week. Dark Legacy Comics is about garrison follower missions this week, and definitely shouldn't be missed. Finally, the latest Q&A on Kibble & Bit is a must-read!

Finally, for our news regarding absent comics. Best in Slot is not on the list this week, due to it being a busy season and, of course, the expansion. It may also be a bit late through the end of December, however, it will definitely update periodically! Experience Boost is back, but Russell is still sick, which makes it bittersweet. Get well soon, Russell!

Unfortunately, I also have to announce that Surviving Azeroth is closing back down. You can read why in Zuulzilla's own words. Good luck Zuulzilla; I will miss SA, but I wish you the best!