Jambanz is a $30 wearable Bluetooth speaker right out of the '90s

Geez, where was Jambanz when we were young and did all sorts of silly things to look cool? Because this silicone slap band, which is actually a wearable Bluetooth speaker(!), looks like it would fit right into those years of our lives. Not considering the fact that it streams music from iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices via Bluetooth, of course -- back then, this would have come with a wire that connects to a Walkman's 3.5 mm jack. If the current colors (green, orange and grey) aren't crazy enough to make Jambanz feel like a true throwback to 1994, you can mix and match the bands and speakers yourself. You can buy Jambanz from its website or via Amazon for $30 each, but don't forget to watch the old-Nickelodeon-like video ad below the fold before you do.