Just Get 10: Merging Madness

Players tap on adjacent blocks with the same number to combine them into a larger number block in Just Get 10

Just Get 10 is a number puzzle game where players combine similar numbers until they reach 10. For instance, three ones next to each other get added together and make a block labeled two. Players continue to make these groupings until they reach the number 10. However, this sounds easier than it really is as players have to keep groups of numbers together and make choices to make sure they don't block off their best combinations. Just Get 10 is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

In Just Get 10, players tap to select a numbered block adjacent to another block of the same number and then tap again to merge those blocks where they tap. This gives players the option to line up the numbered blocks close to other similarly numbered blocks. This leads to a higher score at the end of the game. This type of challenge is addictive and it is easy to get lost in all of the beautiful tiles trying to match them up to reach that elusive number 10.

Players combine similarly numbered blocks in Just Get 10

The music and sound effects in the game are soothing. They make the game enjoyable to play for a long stretch of time. Just Get 10 features a very bright color palette which is aesthetically pleasing and since matching numbered blocks are the same color, this helps the player find matches easily.

There are a couple of drawbacks to Just Get 10, such as a full screen ad that pops up when you finish a round. There is also a banner ad that stays at the bottom of the screen. In addition to that, players have a limited number of tries before they have to either purchase the full game or share a link to the game through email or social media.

Players try to line up numbered tiles so that they can combine them numerous times to reach the number 10 in Just Get 10

Just Get 10 is free on the App Store and while the gameplay is rather addictive, the ads and limited tries are too annoying to recommend a download.