TomTom's new Android app saves you from speeding tickets

We should all be sticking to the speed limit, but there's always a danger any momentary lapse of concentration will be caught by a well-hidden speed camera. It's a constant worry, which is why petrolheads turn to technology like sat-navs to keep them out of trouble. The latest option is TomTom Speed Cameras, an Android app specifically built to notify drivers of these roadside snappers. Your smartphone will trigger both visual and audio speed camera alerts in 28 different countries (mostly European), and will also help you drive using the least surveyed route. The app can even track your momentum as you cruise through an average speed check, making sure momentary negligence doesn't land you a nasty fee.

TomTom's new Android app also lets users edit camera locations, the idea being that if a new one crops up, someone will hopefully flag it before you're caught out. The firm already has a similar app for iPhone users, but that doesn't make this Android version any less welcome. After a free three-month trial, you'll need to sign up for one of TomTom's subscriptions (£1.99 per month, or £15.49 per year) - an investment which could quickly pay for itself, considering the £100 minimum penalty for speeding in the UK.

[Image Credit: Arup Malakar, Flickr]