Live the luxurious life of a customs agent with 'Papers, Please,' on iPad tomorrow

There you were, enjoying your iPad for Netflix, perhaps occasionally flinging some relatively upset avians or getting cerebral with Monument Valley. Suddenly, an air raid siren. Someone in the distance shouts, "Glory to Arstotzka!" What is even happening? It's Papers, Please, the post-Soviet Bloc simulation that puts "players" in the position of an unwitting immigrations office, stuck on the border of two dangerous territories, trying to make enough money to feed and care for an ailing family. The critically-lauded game is heading to iPad tomorrow, and we're betting it'll be just as "fun" as the first time around on PC.

Creator Lucas Pope says it's, "the complete game, optimized for touch"; one bit is missing, though: "The iPad version has no full nudity option for the search scanner photos. Apple rejected that build for containing 'pornographic content.'" I think we'll manage.

Seriously though, Papers, Please is one you shouldn't miss. It's not always the most "fun" game, but it's an incredible example of what can be done with games as a medium outside of "shoot the bad guy." It costs $7.99, but will get a price of $5.99 for the weekend. Check out the video below the break for an example of what we're talking about.